Friday, December 15, 2006


At last my first Regency for My Weekly Story Collection has been published. I'm not too keen on the cover as I think that it's rather dark.
I had to rummage about in the shelves to find any copies - they were shoved behind a pile of magazines. I moved them all to a prominent position at the front of the display - as one does!!
It's so long since I sold this book to MWSC that I'm going to have to read it myself-I had forgetten that the heroine was called Amelia.
But this was written in January 2005 and I've written and sold six more since then so perhaps I have an excuse.
I wish everyone a Happy and Peaceful Christmas.

Fenella Miller


Kate Allan said...

At last it's out! Have they changed the look of MWSC as it looks a bit different from The Restless Heart which was out in October?

Historical Romance Author said...

Congratulations, ~Fenella, I'll look out for it.


Chap O'Keefe said...

The cover looks wonderful to me, the colours rich and striking. I can't help but think how lucky the romance writers are to have this series still available -- even if they do have to unearth the copies from beneath displays of other magazines! The last, similar, budget-style paperback series for westerns is put out by an Australian publisher whose slim books are no longer distributed internationally. I can remember when Dundee's D. C. Thomson produced a whole range of widely available story papers and comics, but it seems the public demand has dwindled and would-be readers of genre fiction today must go to the public libraries and borrow more expensively produced books.

Historical Romance Author said...

DC Thomson still produces People's Friend and My Weekly Story Collection in the UK -they are a wonderfully old fashioned company, like Robert Hale, and it's a pleasure to write for both of them.
Fenella Miller