Sunday, August 09, 2009

Recognise anyone?

When my latest Linford LP book, A Dangerous Deception, arrived in the post I was somewhat surprised to discover it looked vaguely familiar. I looked through my bookshelf and discovered that the same hero had appeared on two of my covers. Unfortunately the cover artist is not identified on the Linford books but it must be the same person who produced the cover for, A Suitable Husband, the Robert Hale title that was published several years ago.
What do you think?
There is a website on which identical covers, that have been used for different titles, are shown. However, these are mostly images taken from original paintings or photographs, I don't remember seeing any where a figure had been used in the way it has on my two.
Fenella Miller
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Jan Jones said...

Twin brothers, separated at birth, Fenella?

Jane Odiwe said...

It looks to me as if the illustrator used the same picture for inspiration - perhaps one of the images was traced which would account for the fact that they are facing different ways. Their clothes are similar, but I think the artist must have particularly liked the face to use it twice!
I often use a picture more than once if I like it and change details - I think it's a common practice.

Fenella Miller said...

My son said he looks like Gordon Brown when he was younger.
I think this artist starts from scratch - I saw the rough of the Hale book.

Kate Allan said...

I'm sure I've seen my hero on the cover of Perfidy and Perfection also turn up on someone else's book.