Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy St George's Day

St George is England's patron saint and since a child I have always wanted to do something special to celebrate his day. Whilst not wishing to steal any limelight from anyone due to post today let's enjoy the glorious sunshine and celebrate our national saint.

On April 23rd 1973 my daughter was born. Then on April 23rd 1975 my son was born. This was not the longest labour in history for twins. It has made St George's Day very special for our family and it is always celebrated in style.

Also today marks the birth of our greatest penman William Shakespeare and the 23rd April is also the date he died. He was the creator of all the best plots and the inventor of the best known cliches now to be avoided. As writers this is another excuse to raise our glasses and dip into the chocolates for a toast.

How do you celebrate St George's Day?

Kate Tremayne


Elizabeth Hawksley said...

My way of celebrating? I always wear my white Yorkshire rose ear-rings. It's a nod of respect to both St George for his day and to Richard III because my family have strong links to Yorkshire.

Some years ago, I was visiting Beverley Minster with my eighty-year-old mother. She suddenly said, 'You go on ahead. I'm just going to spit on the tomb of Lord Stanley (whose treachery lost Richard the battle of Bosworth). And off she stalked.

kate tremayne said...

Good on your mother,Elizabeth. Richard had a raw deal with the history books - all that Tudor propanda went against him for which Will Shakespeare was in no little way to blame.

Jane Jackson said...

No difficulty remembering birthdays in your household, Kate!
My 95-year-old father is chair of the local branch of the Royal Order of St George. He hosted a lunch for the members at the Royal Duchy hotel in Falmouth today, and took along some "funnies" I found for him to include in his speech.
Elizabeth, your mother is wonderful. Does she wear purple?!

Elizabeth Hawksley said...

No, my mother didn't wear purple, Jane, but you wouldn't want to mess with her, all the same. It was probably just as well that the expensive Stanley tomb was safely behind strong railings!

kate tremayne said...

Jane, your father sounds amazing a real trooper. I bet his has some interesting stories to tell.

Also Elizabeth your mother has the backbone of her stalwart generation. I am sure they are both an inspiration for feisty matriachs and patriachs in your novels.