Monday, February 28, 2011

A Georgian romance set in North Yorkshire

Hi, this is Jo Beverley, bestselling historical romance author whose books are rarely seen on shelves here in the UK, even in charity shops. I tell you, that is a weird thing. As if I've shifted over into another dimension.

However, you can buy them on line from all the usual places.

My new book for 2011 is An Unlikely Countess, which is set in North Yorkshire, which is where we were living when I wrote it. That's a picture of old Northallerton up there. A photograph, which is hardly Georgian, but the best I could do to capture the old town.

Inspired by the Oscars*G* I created a video over the weekend, mostly as a way to show some of locations such as that from An Unlikely Countess, or used as inspiration, though giving them context turned it into a bit of a book trailer.

Anyway, it was fun. If all you want to produce a sort of video from still images, I recommend Photo Story. It's an old programme, but it's a free download it from Microsoft, and once you learn its fairly simple ways, it's easy to use.

If you like the video (it's just a few minutes long), I'd be delighted if you passed it on via Facebook, Twitter, and the usual places. Here's the link.

The pub date for An Unlikely Countess is tomorrow, March 1st, but for some reason the UK sellers have a release date in May! I have urgent messages in to New York about this, but if you have any feedback, please let me know. It's available in print and e-book, of course.

I'm promoting it with: "A Prudence who isn't prudent, and a Cate who isn't at all effeminate. Add an impetuous marriage, and we have a most unlikely countess."

It's received lovely reviews -- which you'll see on the video if you give it a try.



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Sarah Mallory said...

Jo, love the idea of An Unlikely Countess! I have lived in Yorkshire for nearly 20 years now and love it!

Isn't it odd the way book distribution works: will look out for An Unlikely Countess online.

Good luck!