Thursday, May 12, 2011

No one seems to be blogging so I thought I would put another post on. Just received a huge parcel of copies of the USA A Country Miss in in Hanover Square. HH are bringing the trilogy out one after the other in consecutive months. I was thrilled with the cover which unfortunately I can't scan to show you. However, because it is going mainstream as well as direct they sent me loads of copies and that means anyone who would like one should email me at
and I'll send a free copy anywhere in the world free of charge to your snailmail.
Just got back from holiday in Spain, which was lovely but it is nice to be home. Haven't started work yet but I have lots of ideas for future books. In the Uk M&B are bringing out Bought For The Harem in August. Captive of the Harem is now on sale in China as a comic book and I bought a copy for my kindle from uk site. The pictures are wonderful. You can see what is happening without understanding the balloons. It is a lot of fun and I feel delighted it has been done that way in Chinese. It was done a while ago in Japense. COTH has sold in so many countries. I wonder if Bought For The Harem will do as well?
:ove to you all, Linda/Anne

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