Friday, March 27, 2015

A Cornish Maid - inspired by the original version of Poldark.

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Today I have published my own Cornish romance. My heroine is called Demelza and the story was inspired by the original version of Poldark. This was the book was  published by Musa four years ago.
My Demelza has glorious black hair – unlike the current Demelza who has auburn hair – and my hero, Lucas Fairfield, has fair hair unlike Ross Poldark.
However, I hope he is as gorgeous as Aiden Turner. In my head, when I was the rewriting/editing this book, it was he who I had in mind. Lucas was also a soldier, wears his hair long
and removes his shirt on more than one occasion.
All my previous heroes were loosely based on Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean)– especially the one in my work in progress which features a Bow Street Runner – but from now on the jaw- droppingly attractive Aidan Turner will be my hero of choice.
I know the purists don't like the current version of Poldark, too much galloping around and gratuitous shirt removing, but I'm loving it and wish it could go on for the whole of the summer.

Here is the blurb for A Cornish Maid:

In the small Cornish village of Tregorran, Demelza struggles to keep the family house intact and care for her young brothers and sister after the deaths of their parents. Knowing that she is losing the battle, she agrees to take in a paying guest: handsome Lucas Fairfield. But the growing attraction between the two seems doomed from the start. With Lucas obliged to return to his ancestral manor and Demelza devoted to caring for her siblings and own familial home in Tregorran, Cornwall. Can they ever find happiness together? (.com) (.uk)

Fenella J Miller


Melinda Hammond/Sarah Mallory said...

A lovely cover, Fenella!

Fenella Miller said...

Thanks, Melinda, Jane Dixon-Smith is a great designer.

Anonymous said...

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