Monday, January 11, 2016



This month’s blog is going to be a shameless piece of advertising for my new book 'Dragonsheart' out this month. I originally published it with Robert Hale Ltd back in 2006. 
When Isabella Wyndham-Brown returns to Edwardian England to celebrate reaching her twenty-first birthday, she is looking forward to becoming an adult away from the constraints of her well-meaning but interfering aunts and uncles. But events conspire against her: she learns that she cannot take control of her fortune until she is twenty-five and then finds disturbing evidence that her father had a mistress.

Nevertheless there are compensations, including meeting her handsome, but mysterious French cousin, Laurent, and being reunited with private detective Peter Bennett, who saved her life in Egypt. She is irresistibly drawn to both, but before she can get to know either, she discovers that her father may have found the family treasure, the long lost Dragonsheart diamond. And then her problems really begin...

This is a continuation of the characters I originally created for ‘The Scarlet Queen’. Isabella interested me the moment she appeared on the page, but by the time I’d finished ‘Dragonsheart’ she’d got a whole new identity. She starts off as a respectable upper middle-class girl with lots of money and not much in the way of a sense of responsibility and I got a bit bored with her, so she finds out half way through the novel that her father wasn’t quite the charming, harmless rogue that family history paints. Meeting her new French cousin signals the beginning of a new stage in her life and by the end of the novel Bella’s life is set to change dramatically. 
 I also got the chance to invent a French hero – having been a Francophile all my life, it was great to let my imagination run a bit wild. He also has secrets that don’t coincide with his respectable upbringing. In fact I got so fond of Laurent that he’s ended up one of the main characters in the third novel that I am writing at the moment, which is based on these characters. I’m hoping it will be finished by the autumn.  

Jacqueline Farrell writes historical and paranormal romances with The Wild Rose Press. Her two paranormal novels ‘Sophronia and the Vampire’ and ‘Maids, Mothers and Crones’ and her historical romances, ‘The Scarlet Queen’ and ‘Dragonsheart’ are available from Amazon and all good e-book stores.Follow her on twitter @jacquiefw1 and on her website

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