Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Journal of a Regency Lady 8

May 7th
We attended a large ball last evening and it was beyond my dreams. I wore a dress of white silk that Mama had commissioned from one of the most fashionable seamstresses and the pearls Papa gave me. I had pink silk roses in my hair and carried a posy of roses that Lieutenant Robert Jones sent me. He is one of Paul's closest friends and has just returned to England. He called on us the first afternoon we were at home and was so kind to me. He paid me so many compliments and asked that I would keep two dances for him.

I was sure that I should have plenty of dances to spare but it was not the case. I danced every dance! The gentlemen were all so kind and said some very foolish things. I did not expect to be such a success and I must admit that I enjoyed myself very much, though Mama said that I must not let it go to my head. Indeed, I shall try not to - but it was very exciting.

May 9th
Oh, I do not know what to think! It is the most extraordinary thing and a little disconcerting. Lieutenant Jones took me driving in the park this morning. He has some fine horses and I was enjoying myself very much until I saw him. He was staring at me in a very odd way. At first I could not believe it was Mr Carrington for I understood that he was going to be a soldier and I do not know how he comes to be in London.

May 10th
Mr Carrington was at a card party we attended last evening. I was told his commission has been delayed because he had to attend the funeral of his unle, Lord Belmond. It seems that Mr Carrington has unexpectedly been left a considerable fortune because his cousin was killed only last month in a riding accident. I cannot help wondering how Miss chesterfield feels now

Mr Carrington smiled at me but I moved on and did not speak to him. I daresay we may meet again soon for we are both to attend Lady Waterfield's ball tomorrow evening.

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