Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Journal of a Regency Lady 9

May 11 1812
I have been invited to a waltzing party this morning, held by Lady Caroline Lamb. Everyone is enchanted by this dance now and they say the Regent loves to waltz. Mama was a little dubious at first but is reconciled. I have seen the Prince Regent twice now and he is very fat. Perhaps I should not say such a thing but I can tell my journal.

This evening we went to a ball and he was there again. I had not realised but he is now Lord Belmond and our hostess introduced us. He asked me to dance and I could not think of a way to refuse politely. He dances well but we did not talk much and he seems much changed - more serious. I was not sure what to say to him.

May 12
The papers are filled with stories of riots in the North. Mama says Papa is concerned because his brother owns a great deal of property there and may have been caught up in it. I feel a little as if we should not be giving ourselves up to pleasure when there is so much trouble elsewhere. Lieutenant Jones told me that he is being sent North to help quell the problems with Luddites. I do not think he truly wished to go but more troops are needed. He hesitated for a while and I thought he meant to ask me something but he did not. He said that he would call on me at home if he does not return to London before we go home.

Hope you like the image of the reissued Steepwood Scandal!

May 13th
I met Lord Belmond while out walking with Mama. He stopped to speak to us and asked if he might call. Mama has invited him to dine with us this evening. He smiled at me and asked if I was enjoying my visit to London. I said that I was. He seems so different and I am not sure what to think. I am a little nervous of meeting him at home this evening.

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Laura Vivanco said...

My match-making antennae spot two potential suitors.

And the covers of the reissues of the Steepwood Scandal are very pretty, as were the covers for the Regency Lords and Ladies Collection.