Monday, May 14, 2007

Covers - Lord Deverill's Secret

This has been an exciting year for me. Until recently my books only came out in the UK, but this year sees the release of four of my books in the US. Mr Darcy's Diary is already out, and the other three books will be out in the Autumn.

I've just seen the cover for the paperback of Lord Deverill's Secret, which is one of the three autumn releases. It will be out in November, published by Berkley.Cassandra appears to be in her town house in Bath, with the summer sun streaming in at the window. She has to sell the house, however, because her brother's death has left her with debts. Whilst clearing out the house she finds a disturbing letter, which her brother was prevented from posting by his sudden death, and the man who can answer her questions is Lord Deverill, who just happens to be devastatingly attractive and one of the most eligible bachelors in Brighton. It's available to preorder from Amazon now by clicking here

The hardback cover (left) forms a marked contrast to the paperback cover. It shows Cassandra outside the Pavilion in Brighton which, in 1804 when the book is set, looked more like an ordinary residence than the fantasy building it is today, as you can see from this illustration.

Cassandra's invitation to the Pavilion would have been a source of unalloyed pleasure were it not for one thing - someone was trying to kill her.

To celebrate the forthcoming release of the paperback, I thought I'd hold an impromptu competition. Just drop me an email by clicking here , letting me know which cover you prefer and why. I'll put all the names into a hat after the closing date of May 31st and pick a winner, who will receive a signed copy of the hardback of Lord Deverill's Secret.

And if you'd like a taster, you can read Chapter One by clicking here

Amanda Grange


Melinda said...

Love both covers, Mandy, and hope they both do very well for you.

Diana said...

Both covers are extremely attractive, but I slightly prefer the paperback version. It is more colorful and doesn't have the anachronistic picture of the Pavilion. (I do always picture it that way, though!) I would love to read this book and see why your heroine might have that odd pose! :-)

Anonymous said...

The paperback cover is more colorful, but I think the heroine looks too stiff and has an odd expression on her face. The other cover is beautiful and much more attractive to me. I love both Bath and Brighton settings but I have never been to Brighton so the pavilion looks just rignt.

Elizabeth Chadwick said...


I like both covers, but I prefer the American one because it has more colour in it and feels more vibrant. There's a slight 'washed-out' feel to the UK cover. If both were side by side on the shelf I'd go straight to the USA cover - but I suppose it depends on what else is on the shelf with them too. If the cover either side were all vibrant then the UK cover would be seen as cool and elegant and I might well pick it up instead.
But, as a general preference, it's the American one for me.

Anonymous said...

The hardback cover is much better, more atmospheric, and the dress more suited to a poor girl. The story sounds really interesting, I look forward to reading it.