Friday, May 04, 2007


I love the covers that Ulverscoft use for my Large Print books - they even got the hair colour correct for the heroine. The hero also has blond hair, so the male figure must be one of the other characters.
I went to speak at Norwich Writer's Circle last week and shared with them my experiences of being a writer, both good and bad. I even read out a couple of bad reviews just to show that being published has its down side. Of course I also read them a couple of brilliant reviews from another source for the same book.
It was a pleasure to meet with so many well informed people - it's much more fun to talk to a group of writers - when I spoke at a WI meeting they had one eye on the cakes and tea-urn all night!!
Don't forget all my books are available from Amazon and to borrow at any UK library.
I'm not sure if they are to be found in a library anywhere else in the world, but a recent review of 'The Mesalliance' told readers to buy it, or borrow it, and that was in the States.
Maybe someone could let me know?
Fenella Miller

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Megan said...

American Regency reader here! I'm living in the New York area at the moment, and your books aren't available in the New York Public Library. They are, however, available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.