Sunday, June 24, 2007

Norwich Assembly Rooms

I was invited to speak at Norwich Writer's Circle in May and also asked to judge a romantic short story competition and give the results last week. This is a friendly and enthusiastic group with more than thirty members.(I know this because twenty-eight came to my talk). The standard of their romantic stories was high and the winning story was exceptional.
They meet at least once a month in the lovely Assembly building which made my visits even more enjoyable. This building was gutted by fire a few years ago but has been perfectly restored.

The Grand Hall holds the magnificent crystal chandelier in the picture and it was easy to imagine the place full of gentlemen in elegant black evening rig and their ladies in floating high waisted gowns.
The Noverre Ballroom was originally built by Frank Noverre, a descendant of the Swiss born Noverres, famously dance masters to the Court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.
The Music Room is decorated in rich apricot and cream with six glittering chandeliers, elegant balconies , rich decorative furnishings and ornate plasterwork featuring flowers and fruits.
There is also a place to eat and a bar, so why don't you call in and look round next time you are in Norwich?
My second Regency novella 'A COUNTRY MOUSE' will be up on any day now.
Fenella Miller


jen said...

I really enjoy your website and have loved reading the recent comments about Georgette Heyer's influence on different authors. I was also intrigued by your introduction Heyer in which you say that 'Georgette Heyer has recently been classified as a Classic Author by the British library system, we're running an series of posts about Heyer's far-reaching influence.'

I would love to know more about this as I have been unable to find anything at the BL website. I am in the thick of writing Heyer's biography and so would love to know more about this recent (and very apt) classification.

Thanks for a well-run and informative site

Jennifer Kloester

Scott Davidson said...

Thanks for knowledge sharing, waiting for future blogs.

Marcus White Lisdoonvarna