Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Rational Romance

I have just received the finished cover for my latest novel, A Rational Romance and would like your views on it. The cover is very different from all the others - it is a little reflective, perhaps. What do you think? The girl is very much as I imagined Rosamond - dark-haired and waif-like but with an independent spirit which lands her in trouble! I set this story in 1803, during a short-lived peace between England and France. This allowed me to take my characters to France. However, when hostilities were resumed that year, many English people were trapped in France and imprisoned, some for many years until the Abdication of Bonaparte in 1814. I love this story - we have a hero and heroine who are both determined to be sensible, so what could possibly go wrong?

A Rational Romance is published by Robert Hale in November 2007
England 1803.

Elliot Malvern, seventh Marquis of Ullenwood is very content with his bachelor lifestyle, spending his fortune on the pleasurable pursuits of gambling and mistresses. Rosamond Beaumarsh is determined to remain unmarried and independent.

What, then, could persuade them plunge into an adventure that carries them to post-revolutionary Paris and takes them on a headlong flight across France? Only the exercise of logic.

The pair embark upon a romantic adventure and learn that rational thought has very little to do with true love……

Melinda Hammond


Sharon said...

To be honest, the hero looks like a was dummy. I also don't like the color palette - it's not very eye catching. Luckily, cover art rarely affects my choice of books.

Jan Jones said...

I like the style of the cover very much indeed, Melinda (and I love the title), but it does seem just a touch muted for some reason.

Still, the story inside is bound to be as sparkling as ever :)

Melinda said...

Thanks for the feedback. Sharon - glad to hear you don't just a book by its cover and Jan - I agree it is very muted but covers are always difficult, and I have had some worse than this! Believe me the book is a lively romance!

Fenella said...

Sorry- I don't like this cover. Both of them look like ghosts - who did this one? Hovwever the book sounds good- I'll order it form the library next month(as I do all Hale books)