Sunday, June 08, 2008

My New Regency

Wedding flowers taken by my sister

The Homeless Heiress is the latest of my Regencies to be published by HMB and will be out in July. I have another coming in December and there will be a trilogy next year. However, I am hoping that they will publish my Melford Dynasty next year at some point; this is the first trilogy in a long series of books. They are out in America, and two will be in ebook, but not here yet.

The Regency continues to be as popular as ever, both here and in America. A Regency I had out in USA went to number two at the historical section of fictionwise; this is out in ebook and trade paperback and has just started to sell in Kindle.

Some of the authors put up such lovely pictures. Today for a change I am going to put up something different. LOL Anne Herries

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