Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Romance and Regencies in Manchester

This month Mills & Boon celebrates its centenary year with the launch of its book exhibition - And Then He Kissed Her - in Manchester. Some of us are lucky enough to be going to the launch party this week, and the exhibition will be open to the public from 6th June until 31st July. Mills & Boon have always supported historical romantic fiction, and I am looking forward to see just how this genre has changed over the past one hundred years.

As part of the library's romantic theme, on Saturday 14th June Nicola Cornick and I will be taking part in a day of Regency Pleasures and Pastimes at the library. The festivities start with refreshments and Regency song, then Nicola and I will be talking about historical fiction. This will be followed by Regency crafts and pastimes for children and families – make a fan, dress paper dolls etc. and there will also be a talk on Georgette Heyer, Queen of Regency Romantic Fiction, by jay Dixon, freelance editor and author of “The Romantic Fiction of Mills & Boon.”
Libraries have something of a reputation for being stuffy, boring places, but this is definitely not the case for Manchester!
Melinda Hammond /
Sarah Mallory


Jane Odiwe said...

I wish I lived in Manchester-it sounds like a great day!

Amy said...

I am currently writing my MA in Women's Studies dissertation on medieval historical romance and am really excited about seeing this exhibition - it looks great!