Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eyton is out!
It's the fifth Richard and Rose book, and the first new one for four years. Poor Rose has been holding her baby in for long enough!
The book is available here and you can get a free short story associated with the book here.

Without further ado, here's a clip from the book:

“It’s been so long,” he said, his voice soft.
“We’ll have to practise,” I said back to him and heard his throaty chuckle.
“We might get it right one day.”
A flicker alerted me to the fact the candles were beginning to gutter. I sat up again to light some of the fresh ones from the drawer before the old ones went out and I would be forced to use a tinderbox. I wanted to see him, memorise the loving expression he only showed to me in private.
Richard swung his legs out of the bed, presumably on his way to his dressing room, but he stopped halfway across the room. “I’ll get us something to drink. I think there’s some wine left in the sitting room.” He picked up his robe and slipped his arms through the sleeves. He went out, and I got out of bed, the better to light the fresh candles. I replaced them all, on the nightstands, the dressing table and the mantelpiece, and went into my dressing room, finding everything quiet.
As I leaned over the washstand to wash my hands I looked up, and suddenly, in the tousle-haired woman in the mirror, I caught a glimpse of the girl I used to be—a sullen, confused person who withdrew more into herself the more hurts she received. No wonder Tom never realised how he felt about me. I hadn’t been a figure anyone could have admired easily. Perhaps Richard’s outrĂ© appearance had startled me into dropping my usual expression of sullen compliance, and he saw me as I should have been. As I was now.
I brushed my hair hard until it crackled, restoring it to some semblance of order, and turned to go back into the bedroom, hoping he would be waiting for me there.
Then, tearing through the tranquillity of the quiet house came the sound of two shots—and another two.

There's another clip from the book on my website:

Here are the short description and the details:
When Richard and Rose visit his family estate in Derbyshire to celebrate the christening of their firstborn, Rose comes face to face with some hard realities about the powerful Kerre family. The vast majority of them are far from delighted with Richard’s choice of wife. Plus, they think a man who shares his bed with his wife every night must have something wrong with him.
Rose is driven half mad by Richard’s overly careful love for her. Somewhere underneath that smooth, sophisticated surface lies the passionate, intense lover she longs for—and she takes steps to seduce that savage lover back into her bed.
Their joyous occasion is marred by the theft of a valuable necklace. Richard’s family looks to him to solve the crime—but something isn’t adding up. Evidence pointing to two trusted servants seems too convenient…and then they’re murdered.
From the tangle of jealousies, secrets and desperate lies, Richard and Rose once again dance on the edge of danger to achieve justice—without dragging the family name into public scandal.

Scandal, murder and passion - an ordinary day for Richard and Rose
ISBN:  978-1-60504-691-4


Anne Herries Author said...

Where do you get them here, Lynne? Through amazon or in shops?
Linda Sole

Jane Odiwe said...

Congratulations Lynne on your new publication!