Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Smuggler Returns

I read Frenchman's Creek by the legendary Daphne du Maurier many years ago and for a long time wanted to write my own story set in romantic Cornwall. So it's exciting to say that The Smuggler Returns will be out as a Linford Romance in February, and will also shortly be available as an ebook from Regency Reads.

When Daniel Locke returns to Penhaven, the Cornish village of his childhood, he is intent on revenge against the smuggling gang who betrayed him as a young lad. What he doesn't count upon is the distraction of beautiful Jane Tregarron, who has become involved with the local smugglers to save her penniless family from losing their home. Can Daniel still inflict his revenge or will his plans be muddied by love?

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kate tremayne said...

Frenchman's Creek is a classic and began my love of atmospheric Cornish novels. The Smuggler Returns sounds another gripping story to be added to reading pile.

Jane Holland said...

I lived in North Cornwall for several years, including the ill-fated Boscastle. It is a truly beautiful, if somewhat rugged, place to live. We left in the end because the winters are so depressing there, and so many people are on low incomes. Cornwall is marvellous and very romantic - as long as you can leave at the end of the summer season!

Both myself and my husband have daughters still living near Penzance though, so we often return.

I read Frenchman's Creek as a girl, and loved it, and all DDM's novels. I also loved being able to have lunch regularly at Jamaica Inn when we lived nearby, which is a fearsomely lonely and desolate place, especially in winter. They do a great carvery lunch though!

Du Maurier's ability to conjure up a powerful and memorable character was tremendous - an enormously talented storyteller.

Elizabeth Hawksley said...

I think Cornwall is a terrific setting for a book. It has everything an historical novelist could want: smuggling, wrecking, beautiful scenery, spectacular storms and wonderful wildlife. There are dozens of ways to up the ante - cliffs to fall down or be thrown off - mysterious men with dark lanterns to waylay the heroine....

I'm sure you had a great time writing it, Kate. Looking forwad to reading it.

Historical Romance Author said...

Congratulations Kate! I love Frenchman's Creek and your book looks fascinating.