Thursday, September 09, 2010

Calling all Austen fans!!!!

How do I love Jane Austen? Let me count the ways.

1) I love her novels
2) I love her world
3) I love the films and TV adaptations that bring her world to life
4) I love the books that continue her stories or explore the lives of her characters

If you, too, love 4) then there's a wonderful new blog that is just for you. It's called Austen Authors and it gathers together a large number of traditionally published authors whose books entertain Austen fans hungry for more. Regular contributors include our own Monica Fairview and Jane Odiwe and yours truly is guest blogging there tomorrow.

September is the launch month and there are competitions galore, with competitions and general fun, and of course lots of books being given away!

Head on over there now if you want to read one of the funniest and most unusual road to publication stories I've ever read, that of Abigail Reynolds. Abigail is a successful physician whose Austen addiction was a secret until one fateful phone call changed everything . . .

Amanda Grange

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Monica Fairview said...

Thanks for the mention, Amanda! It's a lot of fun.