Saturday, October 09, 2010

New Covers

This month I thought I would show you a selection of my recent covers. It's hard to believe that all of them are representing exactly the same kind of frothy Regency romance.
It occurred to me that it would be interesting to discover if the cover of this sort of book actually makes a difference. I know that publicity departments at the big publishers spend weeks, if not months, designing and discussing the cover of a new release. However, I think that people who buy novellas and read in large print are not as influenced as someone who picks up a mainstream book.
My Weekly Pocket Novels and People's Friend Pocket Novels go out to 5000 subscribers and then a further 5000 are distributed to WH Smith, Tesco, Asda and, I think, Sainsbury's. Obviously if you subscribe the book comes anyway, this might account for the strange covers you get on both publications. I pick one up if I know the author, I don't look at the cover or the title.
As a reader it does irritate me if the cover picture of a mainstream book depicts a young woman with corn coloured hair and in fact she has black hair -- does this annoy anyone else?
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Fenella Miller


CarolB said...

Yes, I find it really annoying when the cover image doesn't match the character description inside.
Many years ago I read a US historical romance with a hero that had a distinctive scar across his face from battle injuries. The man on the cover had perfect features and not even a toned down hint of an injury...

CarolB said...

I should add that UK covers do seem more realistic and less idealised, which is much better.

janey said...

I know they tell you never to judge a book by its cover, but it is hard not to do that, as it definitely gives you an impression of the book.

Fenella Miller said...

I think a case in point is the new Bernard Cornwall book, The Fort, it's exactly like one of the Sharpe booksand in fact is more a historical account of an actual battle than anything else. No sign of the charismatic hero anywhere!

Mary said...

I buy the My Weekly and People's Friend Pocket Novels regularly and have long stopped paying attention to the covers as they usually bear no relation to the story or to the characters. If the story is a historical, it's not the first time a Tudor cover is given to a Regency or Victorian novella.

I like the Linford Romance covers, but am not too fond of the Belgrave books.

Fenella Miller said...

I agree Mary -the Linford covers are perfect. I've had Tudor covers for my MWPNs - my first PF comes out on 23rd October - the title's changed - can't wait to see the cover.

Monica Fairview said...

Yes, most definitely. You'd think it's simple enough. I suppose the artists are very harried and not paid enough.

Lovely to see so many of your books out there, Fenella!