Monday, November 15, 2010

Why don't all libraries have these?

I met a friend last week, one I hadn't seen for a while. I had sent her a copy of the RNA 50th Anniversary Anthology, Loves Me Loves Me Not. As most readers of this blog will know, it contains a whole range of stories, including Regency ones, so I'm not totally off topic here.

My friend said she had really enjoyed reading the stories. She passed the book on to her mother who loved it. The book was then passed to a friend, and the friend's friends, and so on. You can imagine that the book has really been doing the rounds over the last few months.

But the messages that came back to me were twofold. First, that it was a wonderful collection of stories and that everyone loved reading them. And second, that very few public libraries nowadays seemed to stock books like this -- collections of really enjoyable romantic short stories of the kind that appeal to all sorts of readers.

Needless to say, I advised my friend to tell everyone to pass that message back to their public libraries. How will we ever see more collections of short stories, especially romantic ones, if the public don't demand them?

And if you agree with me on this, please go out and demand more short story collections, both in libraries and from publishers. The authors on this blog, and loads of other authors too, would be only too ready to oblige, I'm sure.


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