Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Witch Child

First I would like to tell you about something I consider quite daring for me. I have put a book into Kindle myself. I wasn't sure I could do it but I had an MS of my very first published book, which Robert Hale published in 1980. I've had the rights for years but never done anything with it. Then I read about Amazon's new policy for authors, which is much fairer than it used to be and decided to have a go. I didn't have a cover so I used a photo of my garden, a little secret summerhouse, which is actually quite apt for the book. I have published it under Linda Sole and it is now up at You just go to kindle then put Linda Sole in and it is there for sale. The picture above is the one you will see and I feel quite chuffed. This is an experiement but if people buy the book I intend to publish some previously unpublished books that are too long for my publishers and rather different. So fingers crossed there will be some interest.

She was beautiful. She was wicked. She was wanton. And she drove men mad with desire! But to love her was to court death or despair. She was the Witch Child…

Now read the latest in the Regency Lady's letters.

From Lady Horation Melton to her mother

Dearest Mama

It is with great relief that I write to tell you that my brother is at last feeling a little better in himself. For a while I feared that he might succumb to his illness but he begged me not to worry you. Now he asks that you will visit him when our sister can spare you.

I had a letter from Melton asking me to return but refused him on the grounds that I could not leave Robert while he was so ill. Once you are free to visit I may return to London briefly, but I must tell you, Mama, I have grave doubts about my marriage. I believe it must come to an end soon for neither of us is happy. Robert has offered me a home here and I may take him at his word. I cannot say for sure, because I have thought of going abroad. Please try not to be too shocked or upset. I know you believe it is a wife's duty to obey her husband in all things but I no longer feel able to do this. There was never true love in the marriage and now there is no longer respect.

Please do not lecture me for my mind is made up.

Your affectionate daughter.

From Lady Horatia to her lover

My dearest One

At last Robert is feeling better. He asks that you visit soon, because he wishes to meet you. He has given me his blessing in the matter of our affair and I have made up my mind that I shall see Melton once more only, to tell him that our marriage is over. It will not be pleasant, for I fear he will try to stop me leaving him, but I am not afraid of him.

I long to see you. Do come soon.

Your adoring Horatia.


Robur d'Amour said...

I don't know that much about Kindle (apart from the obvious facts).

As a reader, I've occasionally come across books that are for sale only on Kindle, and have not bought them. It's not worth my getting a Kindle reader, for the number of such book I come across.

Given a choice, I prefer a real book.

Kindle works best for the small number of readers who, individually, read a large number of books. That is, book addicts, rather than mass market.

Your current pagan-themed book would have a good potential readership among the pagan community, but doubt whether many of them would be Kindle owners.

It would be interesting for you to tell us how successful Kindle turns out to be, as a business model for you.

Anne Herries Author said...

Actually, you do not have to buy a kindle to buy books only available in Kindle, Robur. Amazon recognise this problem and they offer a free ebook reader that people can download onto their computers and then read the books there. The books I put into kindle will eventually be available from ARE and my own website and perhaps in the future from fictionwise.

I am continuing with my mainstream publishers but this is just an experiment as a fun exercise.