Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!


This is my very favourite reason why we love writing - and reading - historical romance so much. Because it takes us to different worlds. We all hope to do a lot more of that in 2012.

Wishing everyone the New Year that you truly want.

Jan Jones

[This cartoon is by 'Bestie' and was allowed to be used by the Romantic Novelists' Association on postcards. I have never seen anything that better conveys the pleasure of reading and writing.]


Jan Jones said...

I know my posting day is the 1st of the month, but I'm planning on writing clear across midnight, so put this up a couple of hours early.

Happy New Year to all!

Altair Jae said...

I actually think the same whenever i have a book on hand, i cant wait to reach home so i will read it on the train, got caught up with the story and live in the world of the book on my hand.

Now i know what other people are thinking whenever i smile, laugh and show different expressions whenever i am in a public place reading ha ha ha.

Maddy said...

And an inspirational cartoon!