Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Happy New Year to everyone! This time fo the year is always one for new ideas and projects, and the year has started at a gallop for me! 

Robert Hale has just published one of my all time favourite Melinda Hammond books as an e-book!

The Belles Dames Club was first published in about 2007 and is a sparkling comedy/adventure/romance that seemed to fly onto the page - such a joy to write a book like that!  It started with my thinking about the gentlemen's clubs that abounded in the 18th century, and I wondered "why should the men have all the fun"? So The Belle Dames Club was born - a secret club for gently-bred ladies to enjoy some of the less genteel amusements, like smoking, gambling, watching naked wrestling....

And of course, when problems threaten any of the ladies, they band together to sort it out.

I am delighted to see this book as an e-book and I hope it will now be available to a much wider audience. In fact, looking at the stormy weather outside the window, I think I might just curl up with this book again myself.....

Melinda Hammond
Sarah Mallory

The Belles Dames Club
By Melinda Hammond

Miss Clarissa Wyckenham comes to London to join her pretty step-mama and finds that Mama-Nell has formed a discreet club for ladies. Soon she is pitched headlong into the deliciously wicked antics of the Belles Dames Club, and finds herself in conflict with the disapproving Lord Alresford…..

A sparkling comedy of romance and adventure set at the end of the eighteenth century.



Jan Jones said...

Hope it does well it its new clothes!

Melinda said...

Not a new cover, though, although I am rather attached to this one - it may not be authentic 18th century, but she does look very cheeky!
I loved all the little stories in this book, like the old lecher getting his just desserts,the encounter with the obnocious captain of the slave ship and the not-so-wicked villain, Marcus, Lord Ullenwood, who haunted me until I gave him (or rather his relative) is own book......