Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas and Winter stories for Lizzy and Darcy lovers!

Thanks to Amazon, our own knowledge and help from everyone who left comments in our last post about Christmas stories featuring Jane Austen's characters, here is an updated list (including two winter stories which might include Christmas). Again, if you can think of any we've missed, please let us know in the comments. Follow the links to find details on Amazon.

Twelve days of Christmas by Jennifer Lang

Mr Darcy's Christmas Calendar by Jane Odiwe

Christmas with Mr Darcy by Victoria Connelly

Twelfth Night at Longbourn by Maria Grace

A Darcy Christmas anthology by Amanda Grange, Sharon Lathan and Carolyn Eberhart

Christmas at Pemberley by Regina Jeffers


Mr Darcy's Christmas by Elizabeth Aston

Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy by Barbara Tiller Cole

Holidays with Jane anthology - various authors

The Ghosts at Pemberley by Fenella Miller

The Mission: He Taught Me To Hope, a Vignette by P O Dixon

Tis The Season For Matchmaking by P O Dixon

A Touch of Classic And Contemporary by Elizabeth Ann West and Barbara Silkstone

And here are two winter stories:.

Winter at Netherfield Park by Jennifer Lang

A Winter Wrong by Elizabeth Ann West

Happy reading!


Fenella Miller said...

Don't forget my book, The Ghosts at Pemberley, which takes place at Christmas. Lizzy and Darcy are centre stage in this book although it is Kitty's story too.

Regina Jeffers said...

Thanks for including me in this list. Happy Holidays!

P. O. Dixon said...

I have two Christmas stories that I hope you will add as well. The first is The Mission: He Taught Me to Hope Christmas Vignette. The second is 'Tis the Season for Matchmaking: A Lasting Love Affair Continues. Both are Pride and Prejudice 'what-if' stories.

Happy Holidays!

Elizabeth Ann West said...

Thank you so much for including A Winter Wrong! Barbara Silkstone and I also put together a boxed set called A Touch of Classic & Contemporary so readers get a Regency and a modern story for one price. Both are Christmas stories. :)

You are doing such a wonderful thing for readers in the mood for a wintry read with a hot cup of something! :)

Amanda said...

Thanks for letting us know! We've updated the post. Please share the link.

Barbara Silkstone said...

Thank you so very much for the mention. Happy Holidays to all!

P. O. Dixon said...

Thanks for adding my two holiday books to the list!

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