Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Highlights 2014

My highlights on the writing front this year arrived completely unexpectedly, which is often the way, I find. I belong to The Islington Archaeology and History Society, a small society with about three hundred members which produces a quarterly journal. In the spring journal, there was a request from the editor asking for reviewers. I applied, expecting an occasional worthy tome on something of local historical interest to drop onto my doormat.

Tea and cakes at Buckingham Palace!

What I did not expect was an immediate invitation from the Victoria and Albert Museum to The Glamour of Italian Fashion preview! This was swiftly followed by an invitation to the first Bloggers’ Breakfast at the Queen’s Gallery (part of Buckingham Palace) to see the preview of The First Georgians: Art and Monarchy, 1714-1760.

I was delighted to go to both of these and to subsequent previews. What has been particularly enjoyable is the fact that, as well as reviewing them for the IAHS Journal, they often provide wonderful material for my Historical Romance UK blog. The HRUK blogs need to be slanted differently, of course, but I enjoy that.

I wish all my fellow HRUK bloggers a happy and successful 2015.

Elizabeth Hawksley




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