Monday, February 09, 2015

Lord Ilchester's Inheritance

£1.50 on Amazon
Lord Ilchester's Inheritance is now available on Amazon. It is the first of my new Regency titles for 2015 – I am just completing a second in my Pemberley series, The Scandal at Pemberley, which will be coming out in the summer.
Lord Ilchester's Inheritance is a gentle romance, no murder and mayhem or sex in this book. I never know how the book is going to turn out until it is written, but for some reason this one developed into a relationship novel, rather than an action adventure story.
I really enjoyed becoming involved with these two characters and helping them find their way through the emotional tangle of their lives so they could have their happy ever after ending.
I am no longer writing for DC Thomson so in future I don't have to write with their guidelines in mind and always with a  length of 50 000.
 I am trying to decide whether to write shorter books and more of them, or stick to the 50 000.
Do you prefer to pay 50p less and have a shorter book or pay the extra in order to have a full-length book?
My most popular book to date has been a 30K novella, Christmas at Hartford Hall, but it might have been because of the fantastic cover rather than the price and the length. I would be interested to hear your views on this:
Is price more important than then length?
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