Friday, September 08, 2006

The Mesalliance and 'Meet the Author'

This is the rough for my next book, due out in February 2007, THE MESSALLIANCE. David Young is the artist as he has been for two of my other books. It shows the gatehouse of St Osyth Priory where the book is set. I've asked him to make the man larger as, even allowing for the fact that the woman is in the foreground, he still, in my opinion, looks shorter than her. What does anyone else think?

Last Saturday I held a 'Meet the Author' event at Great Bentley in EVANS on the green. My husband manned a stall in the main Village Show marquee and sent twenty people over to meet me. I sold nine boks but several others promised to order it from the library which in some ways is even better.

This is Dusty,( he is the one with glasses) showing them one of my favourite books, Regency England by Reay Tannahil. It's full of wonderful Regency prints, ideal for costume research.
My first large print book was also published on 1st September, THE UNCONVENTIONAL MISS WALTERS, by Ulverscroft. It has the same cover as the original, one by David Young, which I'm delighted about. So far I've not received the author's copies- I can't wait to see how it looks with 410 pages!! I sold the large print rights for A DISSEMBLER a week or so before it was published.
Fenella Miller

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Kate Allan said...

Your new cover looks very promising. :)