Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Unconventional Miss Walters- published in large print.

This is the new cover for The Unconventional Miss Walters which has just been published in large print by Thorpe. I apologise for the black edge and odd marks around the image- I scanned it from the book - and it has not come out as well as I'd hoped. I'm sure lots of you would have known how to remove the unpleasant extras and produced a perfect print. Alas -I'm not one of you!
I'm pleased with the cover- quite different from the original- which was a landscape painting. The photograph is attractive but it does make the heroine look much older than she is. She is eighteen and I think this image makes her look far more mature.
Fenella Miller


Kate Allan said...

I think the cover's nice. Very Regency. I just found out that the large print edition of Perfidy and Perfection will be out in January so I'm interested to see what kind of cover it gets too.

Historical Romance Author said...

The LP of TUMW is out in Oz as well but there it appeared in the catalogue with the original cover so it was a surprise to see it was different.