Thursday, September 28, 2006

Review of Mr Knightley's Diary

One of the most exciting times for an author is having a new book out, and one of the most worrying times is waiting to see what readers think of it. So I was relieved and really, really happy this morning to read the review of Mr Knightley's Diary on Austenblog.

Here's an excerpt:
"Ms. Grange manages the tricky balancing act of satisfying the reader and remaining respectful of Jane Austen’s original at the same time, and like Miss Woodhouse herself, we are given the privilege of falling for Mr. Knightley all over again."

The cover above is from the hardback, and the cover at the right is from the paperback.

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Melinda said...

Well done, Mandy. You have achieved quite a feat.

Anonymous said...

Great review, Mandy and one that I can whole-heartedly agree with!!