Friday, February 09, 2007

Pencils, Chairs and Books..

Did you know that the pencil was not invented until 1832. This must have made writing lists more complicated. Dipping a quill into an inkpot and scratching away would have been far more time consuming and difficult than the pencil and pad we use today. I suppose a seamstress recorded measurements on a slate - I'll have to do more research on this subject.
Writing letters was the way many wealthy women passed their time and is one reason we know so much about this era. They might have done so sitting in a chair like this.
This month I have two books out - A SUITABLE HUSBAND, is released by Ulverscroft in L.P. and THE MESALLIANCE, is published by Robert Hale.
The Hale book arrived this morning. It's hard to believe that this is joining six other titles on my bookshelf as I only sold my first Regency to Hale in April 2005.
Don't forget all my books can be borrowed from your local library (if you live in the UK) and can also be ordered from Amazon in both the UK and USA.
Fenella Miller


Melinda said...

Graphite has been used for writing/drawing from Elizabethan times, and there was a cottage industry in making wood-cased pencils in the lake district before 1832, when the first pencil factory opened there.

Melinda said...

Forgot to say well done on your latest publication, Fenella. You are a prolific author! Good luck with your latest book.