Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Social Outcast

My third Regency-set mystery-romance will be published by Robert Hale at the end of this month. The birth of a new book is always an anxious time, especially since on this occasion I've introduced a heronine with a rather unfortunate background, and I'm impatient to learn what people make of her.

Eloise might be young but she's still wise enough to appreciate that being the daughter of a merchant banker will cause society to look upon her with an unfriendly eye, even if some doors might reluctantly be opened to her because of her father's extreme wealth. The fact that she is generally known to be illegitimate, though, puts paid to any such expectations and she knows that she is destined to be a Social Outcast.

So why does the heir to a dukedom go to the trouble of singling her out, and why does her neighbour and friend, the infamous Harry Benson-Smythe, look upon her high-born admirer with suspicion, and jealousy? Who is behind the disappearance of three local girls and why can't Harry, who is already engaged to another lady, get Eloise out of his head?

If you want to know the answer to these questions, you know what to do! The book can be ordered from Amazon ISBN 978 0 7090 8239 2 or, if you're in the UK, why not borrow it from your local library?

Do put me out of my misery and let me know what you think of Eloise.

Wendy Soliman


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Melinda said...

The Social Outcast sounds fascinating, Wendy. You have given your main characters what seem like insurmountable obstacles to overcome, I look forward to reading it and finding out how they succeed. Good luck with it!