Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Mistress of Hanover Square

The third in the Hanover Square series is now showing up on amazon, though it doesn't actually come out until January. At the moment the next publication is the double volume of Society Affairs with another author. For me this is the republication of my RNA prize winning book, A Damnable Rogue but I think for the other author it is a first publication. I am not sure why this happens sometimes. I am sure she would wish for a separate book but I hope it does well for her sake, especially if it is a first publication.

I am thinking ahead to Christmas now, because Nicola mentioned her Christmas books, which are always good. The members of this group usually do a Christmas story for our readers, either together or separately. What I am thinking of doing is a fourt part story, which I shall publish on the blog, perhaps starting in November or maybe all in December.

Christmas always looks so special when you see the period costumes, the skaters and the snow falling. I love cards with the old fashioned look and so I enjoy doing a special little story for our readers here. I am hoping we shall have some of those lovely cards on the blog at Christmas that Jane does or just some of her motifs.

If anyone has an opinion about the story - whether it should all be December or spread out a bit please leave a comment. Meanwhile I shall leave you with a picture of the last of the Hanover Square books.

Love to you all, Anne Herries

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Melinda Hammond said...

Isn't it lovely to have books showing up so far in advance on Amazon!!! Anne, good luck with this one, and I am very much looking forward to your Christmas story.