Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm delighted to announce publication of the audio edition of Bonded Heart. I think it's a wonderfully atmospheric cover, if not exactly historical. What I like about it is that it reflects the cover of the hardback edition (see the slide show)
The reader is Patricia Gallimore, a regular on The Archers. Due to a childhood and many holidays spent in Cornwall, she is one of the few actresses (Dawn French is another) to have mastered an authentic Cornish accent.
Like the hardback edition, this audio version is available in the United States. Many families in the mining areas of North America can trace their ancestors back to Cornish miners and engineers who were forced to travel abroad to find work after the price of tin and copper tumbled and scores of mines closed. This emigration of Cornish to South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Peru and the northern States of America that gave rise to the saying: wherever there is a hole in the ground, you will find a Cornishman at the bottom of it.
Jane Jackson.


kate tremayne said...

Congratulations Jane. Very atmospheric cover and it is great to be on audio to reach a wider audience.

Jane Jackson said...

Thanks, Kate. It's a while since I had an audio edition of one of my books. Considering the current economic climate, particularly its effects in the publishing world, this one is very special to me.