Saturday, January 09, 2010

Happy New Year

The photo is from a bedroom window looking out over our orchard - I can't remember seeing so much snow since we were marooned here in the eighties. I'm thankful my work is now writing and I don't have to worry about getting to work.

On 1st January Festivites at Hartford Hall was published - as it's a Christmas story this was a bit later than I'd expected. This is the eighth novella My Weekly Pocket Novel has published and there is a ninth due out in the Spring.

This bad weather makes me think of how hard it must have been for the farm workers who lived in our cottage 400 years ago. We ran out of oil last winter and that was a horrible week as we huddled in front of the one open fire and begged and borrowed electric heaters. At least we could go somewhere warm, use the cars , but this time we are totally snowed in. The postive side to this is that I've done far more writing than usual as I can't go out and meet friends for coffee. I have just finished a WW2 romantic suspense and have written the first chapter of my next Regency novella. I'm setting this one in the summer!
Fenella Miller


Jan Jones said...

Happy New Year, Fenella - and hopefully a warmer one as well!

Fenella J Miller said...

The good thing, as someone pointed out, is we can work without feeling guilty. I shall get a novella done by next weekend.

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