Sunday, March 27, 2011

Letter from Regency Lady

Have a better image of the latest M&B this time. Doing well in kindle but not as well as The Lord's Forced Bride. That was the second in the Melford series, this is the third. The fourth is Fugitive Bride and was also published this month in a double book - The Wayward Woman. Not sure that was a clever move by my publisher but they publish in the way they think best. I would rather it had come out as a single book but there we go.

Enjoy this month's letter. I think it is almost the last in the series.

April 1816

Letter from Lady Horatia to her lover.

My dearest love

It is with great haste and anxiety I write to tell you that Melton arrived last night. He caused a terrible row and threatened both Robert and I with ruin if I continued to defy him. Robert says I must remain staunch. He says I should go with you and go quickly. I fear it will mean your ruin too, my love. Perhaps it is best if I forget happiness and do as Melton demands, though Robert says he shall restrain me if I am foolish enough to agree.

I fear this means we should have to leave England, perhaps forever. How can I ask such a sacrifice of you? Robert feels certain it would be your wish. I shall resist for a few days longer. If you do not come to me by Thursday next in our usual place I shall know your answer. I will go there every day at the same hour.

If this is to be farewell know that I shall never blame you. My happiest hours have been in your arms.

Forgive me for the pain I must cause you whichever way you choose.

Your own for ever, Horatia

Hope you enjoyed it.

Love, Anne Herries/Linda Sole

By the way I have a twitter now as Anne Herries

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