Saturday, April 09, 2011

Lady Eleanor's Secret and The Sweetest Love

My third book for Aurora Regency/Aspen Mountain Press , Lady Eleanor's Secret, will be released on 18th April. This is the cover - I think the house style is exactly right for the line. The fact that the author is involved all the way is another thing I
like about Aurora.
This is my first full length book for Aurora and it has a more complicated plot and a lot more romance.
Here is the cover blurb.

Lady Eleanor believes she will never escape from the misery of her life as an unpaid governess to her beloved nieces and nephews. On the advice of his mistress, Alexander, Lord Bentley, is seeking a suitable wife to take care of his children and remain in the country, leaving him to live as he pleases.

Mistakenly believing he has compromised Eleanor, he makes her an offer and she, puzzled but delighted, accepts. When she discovers the real reason for his offer, Eleanor is horrified. If she tells him she wasn't compromised, he will surely send her away. Her brother, Edward, is determined to separate them—he cannot live without his sister's inheritance.

Can Alex foil Edward's evil plans and save the woman he has come to love? Or will her secret ruin their relationship when it is revealed?

What a contrast the People's Friend cover is. The original title was Miss Bannerman & The Duke - which I must admit I prefer. However it's a lovely cover and although the costume is more Victorian than Regency it does fit the story which is about twin girls and their respective suitors.
This novella is still available so I hope some of you find time to read it. This book, with the original title, will be my next book for Aurora and will be released in June this year.
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