Monday, August 01, 2011

A glimpse of Ely, Cambridgeshire

Hello there!

I'm Jan Jones and I'm delighted to be joining the Historical Romance UK blog. I have had one contemporary romance published and three Regencies with Hale Books. Two of them were shortlisted for the Love Story of the Year: Fair Deception (2010) and Fortunate Wager(2011).

My Regencies are set in the racing town of Newmarket, but for this post I'd like to mention the neighbouring city of Ely.

Before the Fens were drained in the 17th Century, Ely really was an island. The cathedral was the largest employer and the raison d'etre of the town. Walking around Ely, it is impossible not to feel the past pressing you on all sides.

My latest Woman's Weekly serial - An Ordinary Gift - is set here, about a modern woman who starts unexpectedly to hear and see echoes of the past.

If you follow the links above, they will give a glimpse into this small, but perfectly formed town. Even though I am local, I enjoyed researching Ely so much that I'm sure there are other stories just waiting for me there too.

Jan Jones


Jan Jones said...

Sorry for links rather than my own snippets of Ely history - but they say it far better than I could!

Sarah Mallory said...

Welcome, Jan - and love the snippets!

Cambridgeshire is not a place I know well, so its lovely to be able to be an armchair traveller.

Jane Odiwe said...

Welcome, Jan, it's lovely to see you here! I've only been to Ely once, but I loved it - particularly the Cromwell museum and a lovely antique shop I remember spending too much money in!

Elizabeth Hawksley said...

Welcome, Jan. I've always enjoyed your comments and I'm sure I'll enjoy your blogs, too.

I love Ely Cathedral, that 'ark upon the waters'. The last time I saw it was on a damp October day and it rose out of the surrounding mist to stunning effect.

Jan Jones said...

Thanks for the welcome. It's a bit scary being amongst such august company with proper historians...

Ely Cathedral DOES do that, Rachel! I never get tired of driving towards Ely and suddenly seeing the cathedral appear out of the flat Fenland.

Jane - I stay well away from the antique shops!

Sarah - as I base my books in the local area, there will be quite a bit of cambs and Suffolk. :)

Sarah Mallory said...

I know about your books, Jan - I've read 'em!!!!

The Time Sculptor said...

Interesting facts about Ely, thanks. I had no idea it used to be a real island! Your story strikes a chord with me as there are many echoes of the past in my own novel. Loved the first part last week and I'm going to get the second this afternoon :-)
Jane Gray