Sunday, May 27, 2012

What a lovely Day

Hello everyone.  It is a beautiful day outside.  We've waited a long time but it is certainly worth the wait - and quite often books are that way.  I've been waiting a long time for my Medieval story - Lady of Shadows - to be published by Museitup.  Fingers crossed it will be out next month sometime.  This is a big story and is told over two volumes - the series, Sisters of The Ring.  I'm really looking forward to seeing this one in print.

One thing I have to say on this blog is how much I enjoyed Amanda's A Titanic Affair.  I've read two Titanic books recently.  Both were good but I loved Amanda's - a recommended read. Hope to do a review at Red Roses For Authors soon - when I have a little time.  At the moment I'm working hard on a big saga.

Love to you all.  I hope you enjoy this blog.  There are so many talented authors.

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