Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lady Of Shadows

My new Anne Ireland book is available now through Museitup.com or amazon in kindle. You can also upload it to your computer if you do not have a kindle.  A big sweeping Medieval story in two books it forms part of a series, called Sisters of the Ring.

In a time when women were often persecuted, the sisters existed to help each other. Most wanted only to help the sick and poor but some sought power from the dark lord.

The lady had powers beyond her sisters but she was innocent and did not understand them.  Rhianna was forced to marry the man whose father killed her mother, but she falls in love with him.  Discovering she is not a virgin he thrusts her from his bed.  Can Rhianna ever convince him that she was raped by her cousin - and can she find happiness?

Hope you enjoy this book, which is special for me.

Love to all

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