Monday, September 29, 2014

Traditional Regency romance

Like many other people, I grew up reading and loving Georgette Heyer's Regency romances. They are full of wit and humour, with likeable heroes and heroines as well as a full range of other characters. One of the appealing things about Heyer's romances is that the heroines are of all different ages and types. Some are young debutantes, some are blue stockings and some are maiden aunts.
My Regency short story, The Dashing Miss Langley, has a maiden aunt for the heroine, but Annabelle Langley is not a wallflower by any means:
She was a striking sight, her Amazonian figure clad in a sky blue pelisse and her fair hair topped with a high-crowned bonnet.
She is full of common sense and knows just how to handle her niece, Caroline, when Caroline is convinced she's fallen in love with the gardener's grandson. Instead of arguing with Caroline, she remarks:
'If Able is your choice, then what business is it of mine?'

When she tempts Caroline with a trip into the country and offers to teach her how to drive the carriage. Caroline can't resist. But when a storm drives them off the road, the dashing Miss Langley encounters an old love at the inn, after which her own romantic difficulties take centre stage.Will she be reunited with him, or will circumstances once again push them apart? And what of Caroline? Will she marry the gardener's grandson?

The story was originally included in The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance but it's now available on Kindle as a single story. Quite what Georgette Heyer and the dashing Miss Langley would have thought about books being downloaded out of thin air and being read on a device small enough to fit into a reticule, who knows?!

The Dashing Miss Langley is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US as well as all other Amazons.  If you're a fan of traditional Regencies, I hope you enjoy it

Amanda Grange


Elizabeth Hawksley said...

I just love that cover, Amanda. It's very much in period and the characters look properly Regency rather than being 21st century in fancy dress, which, alas, too often happens.

I wish it every success.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!