Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Christmas Recycling!

Cover it has now on Amazon. Christmas at Hartford Hall ( First published by DC Thomson in 2009) A sweet Cinderella story – perfect for Christmas reading. When Elizabeth's grandfather died, there was no sign of a will; and, devastatingly, she discovered she was now dependent on his heir. When the new Lord and Lady Hartford and their twin daughters arrived, they reduced her status to that of a servant. Elizabeth is determined to leave Hartford Hall in the New Year and find work as a governess. But the arrival of Sir James Worthington to make an offer for Lady Eleanor Hartford only leads to her difficulties....
This is the cover for Linford Romance -large print.
This is the cover it had for Musa.
This is the cover it had from MWPN way back in 2009. Astonishing that this little book is now in it's fourth incarnation - just love the cover design by Jane Dixon-Smith Which cover do you like best? Fenella J Miller

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