Friday, September 14, 2018

Pride and Pyramids - new illustration

Some of you will remember Pride and Pyramids, which I wrote with Jacqueline Webb. It's set fifteen years after Pride and Prejudice, and it gives us a glimpse into a possible future for Elizabeth and Mr Darcy. They have six wonderful children and they all go off to Egypt on an educational holiday, which turns into an adventure.

Some time ago, I saw Elizabeth Monahan's wonderful illustrations for Pride and Prejudice. I loved them so much I commissioned her to do me an illustration of Pride and Pyramids. It's not in the book, it's something I wanted for my own pleasure and the pleasure of my fans. Here's a reminder!

 I recently decided to commission another illustration from Elizabeth. I was curious to see how she would depict the Darcys as they all set off on their adventure. You can see her finished artwork below. It shows the Darcy family, with Mrs Bennet in the background, emerging from below decks. Mrs Bennet was desperate to go to Egypt but of course Elizabeth and Mr Darcy wouldn't let her accompany them. So what did she do? Why, she stowed away!

I hope you love this illustration as much as I do!
Amanda Grange

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