Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas cards!

Christmas at Steventon

Goodness, our blog readers are a talented lot! Regular commenter Jane Odiwe turns out to be the designer of these wonderful Jane Austen-inspired Christmas cards.

Steventon Rectory

So if you want to send something original this year, look no further! Anyone wanting to order the cards should email Jane on

effusions at btinternet dot com

(if this looks odd, say it out loud. I've put it up this way so she doesn't get inundated with spam.)

Assembly Rooms Ball

The cards are a pound each or a ribbon wrapped pack of nine (any selection can be made up whether they are all the same ormixed) is five pounds. There is a charge of one pound fifty for post and packing.

They're unusual and truly delightful!


Anonymous said...

Can I please buy some cards? Email me at

Kate Allan said...

They are lovely! wow!