Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Past

As we begin the mad rush of shopping for Christmas spare a thought for the ladies of the Regency period. If they were very rich they might have bought gifts for their friends as we do, but many of them spent months labouring on their presents, which were often something that they had embroidered. They made most of their Christmas trimmings themselves, as well as all the cooking of Christmas puddings, relishes and sweetmeats. It must have been such a busy time for them. I sometimes wonder how they did it all.

I have seen many examples of the beautiful cards that were made in Victorian days, but what about the Regency ladies and gentlemen? I think many of the ladies made their own greetings to send out. They spent so many hours cutting, pasting, drawing and sewing, but of course they didn't have the distractions we do in this modern life. But I think it must have been wonderful to go to church at midnight and come home with a lantern to hot punch and all the family gathered in a house decorated with holly boughs and mistletoe. They knew how to play games in those days, and could entertain themselves quite happily. For all our modern advantages, I think Christmas must have been delightful then. Anne

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