Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Journal of a Regency Lady 11

Regency Journal 11

May 19th 1812

I danced with Lord Belmond last night and then he took me outside for some air because it was so very hot in the ballroom. He asked me if I was enjoying my visit to town and I said yes. He told me then that he was leaving very shortly to join his regiment. I said that I should be sorry not to see him in company and he smiled a little sadly and said that he would miss me. He asked if he might take me driving in the park the next day. I hesitated and then said that he might, in the morning because I had engagements for the afternoon. He promised that he would call at half past ten and the look in his eyes made my heart beat very fast. I think that he may be intending to make me an offer – dear journal, what shall I do? I believed myself in love once, but now I am not so sure. Why did Miss Chesterfield break off their engagement – was it because she believed he was merely marrying her for her money?

May 20th

I spent a restless night for I truly do not know what I shall say if Lord Belmond asks me to be his wife. If only he had asked me last Christmas how happy I should have been then. I shall write when I return from my drive, though it may not be until tomorrow, because I have engagements all day.


Laura Vivanco said...

I'm thoroughly tantalised now. Surely we'll find out the truth soon? If this were a book I'd be able to tell if the end was in sight by whether or not there was a 'tell-tale compression of the pages'. This way I can't tell, and it's very intriguing.

Oh, and I tried going back to look for previous episodes, but the last one linked to in the side-bar is from months ago. I expect you've all been too busy to update them, but it would be nice to have all the links there, particularly when the journal (and Charlotte's diary) are finished.

Susan Flanders said...

I just love this sweet regency lady...I feel as if I am there with her...

As usual, this is great.