Sunday, January 21, 2007

Book covers and interviews.

This is the lovely cover of my first e-book, THE RETURN OF LORD RIVENHALL- with Belgrave. It is available now at

On Wednesday last I was invited to appear on BBC Radio Essex. It was my first radio interview and I was quite nervous. I was advised to allow plenty of time for the journey, prepare a few notes and relax and enjoy it. In fact the directions I had been given were incorrect and by the time, after asking a taxi driver and ringing the studio twice, I finally arrived I was so relieved to be there and not have missed my spot that the actual interview was easy. They have sent me a tape of it but I've not dared to listen to it yet.

Finally the cover for my next book THE MESALLIANCE, which comes out in February with Robert Hale, has been sent to be. I'm pleased with it- Mr Hale now allows me to send an appropriate picture and I have the same artist, David Young for all my books. The picture is a good likeness of St Osyth Priory, a famous historic building, where the book is set.
Don't forget all Hale books are easily ordered from your local library and I know that there are copies of all my books on the shelves.
Best Wishes

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