Sunday, January 07, 2007

Winter inspiration

My next book, the "Celebrity Regency" Lord of Scandal, which is published in the US in June 2007, is set around this time of year and features both the Great Fog of December 1813 and the Great Frost Fair of 1814. According to contemporary accounts, the fog was so thick on 27th December that when Prince Regent set out for Hatfield House near St Albans, one of his outriders fell in a ditch near Kentish Town and the party were obliged to turn back. There were countless accidents to hackney carriages and mail coaches. The fog was followed by a heavy fall of snow that continued for 48 hours.

Last month we had the fog in the south of England but no snow to follow it and somehow I can’t see that happening again as it did in the days of the Great Frost Fair. But I do have a beautiful photograph to inspire us all with images of winter.

More about Lord of Scandal and Regency celebrities soon!



Melinda Hammond said...

Interesting setting, Nicola. Is Lord of Scandal available in the UK?

Nicola said...

It will be out in the UK next year, Melinda, but I'm not sure of the date yet.