Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Diary Of A Regency Lady

July 20th

We have been sailing for two weeks now and this is my first time on deck. I have been tied to my cabin and feeling so ill! It seems that I am not a good sailor. Harry was very kind at first but then he seemed to be annoyed that I could not find my sea legs. I was sorry to be sick all the time, for it made the cabin smell unpleasant, and perhaps that was why Harry seldom stayed with me for long. However, I am beginning to recover and the fresh air on deck has done me good. I did not see Robert. I am glad, but I do not think it will be possible to avoid him for the whole voyage.

July 21st
I met Robert as I was strolling round the deck this morning. He stared at me so coldly and I thought he would walk right past, but then he stopped and inquired kindly if I was feeling better. I thanked him and said that I was, but I longed to say much more. It would be foolish to raise the subject of Robert's proposal for it is much too late. However, I am glad that the ice has been broken and I hope that we can be friends again. It would have been awkward if we were not for as brother officers, Harry and Robert will be in each other's company quite often. Besides, I am quite happy as Harry's wife. If things are not just as I had imagined…well, I am a foolish girl with too many romantic notions in my head.
August 17th
So we are in Spain at last and Harry found a nice house for us to stay. It is small but adequate and we have servants to look after us. However, I am not sure how long we shall stay here for already there is talk of a move. I should like to be settled for a while, but I know that Harry must go where he is ordered. He is not in the same regiment as Robert so I imagine I shall not see much of Robert in the future. I do not mind. I have quite made up my mind to forget all the foolishness!

August 20th

I have been crying. Harry told me that he has orders to move on but I am to stay here. I begged him to let me accompany him, but I refused. Some of the other wives are going with their husbands, but Harry says it is too dangerous. He says that I shall be safe here, because at least six of the other ladies are staying. I tried to persuade him but he was adamant. I think there must be some talk of a battle…

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