Monday, September 24, 2007

Lord Thurston's Challenge- Review

I was thrilled to receive this glowing review from Romance Junkies for my latest book with Robert Hale, LORD THURSTON'S CHALLENGE.

Charlotte Carstairs has spent her life looking after her family. First while they followed their father, a Major, during the war and then after her father died she looked after her frail mother and younger brother and sister. Now her mother is just about to pass on and Charlotte will then have to assume full responsibility of her siblings. Charlotte knows her mother wants her to take the children to their grandfather and ask for his help, but Charlotte wants nothing to do with the proud and bitter man because of the way he disowned her mother when she married her childhood sweetheart against her father’s wishes. Charlotte really doesn’t have a choice though because the money they receive from her father’s time in the service ends when her mother dies.

Charlotte packs up the kids and all of their belongings and begins the journey to her grandfather’s home. When Charlotte arrives she receives a huge shock, unbeknownst to her or her mother Charlotte’s grandfather had died two years ago and there is now a new Lord Thurston; a distant cousin who was her grandfather’s heir. When Charlotte meets the new Lord she realizes that her problems haven’t improved at all because the new Lord, Jack, is a drunk who refuses to take up his responsibilities.

Jack hasn’t wanted to face up to anything since returning from the war with a scar on his face. His fiancĂ© declared him a monster so he has refused to horrify anyone else. Now that Charlotte and the kids have invaded his home he has to find a way to get rid of them. Jack thinks he has found the perfect plan; he makes a deal with Charlotte that if she can turn the estate around in two months and make it profitable again then she can stay otherwise she and the kids must go. Jack didn’t dream that one of Charlotte ’s projects would be him or that asking her to oversee the estate would put them in danger. Jack also didn’t count on falling in love with the beautiful Charlotte or that she could look at him and see a man worthy of love not a scared monster.

LORD THURSTON’S CHALLENGE by Fenella-Jane Miller is another enchanting romantic adventure filled with romance, suspense and intrigue. I really liked Charlotte and enjoyed watching her use subtle tactic’s to accomplish her goals. I loved seeing Jack go from a shell of a man to an active and strong person who has accepted his lot in life. The interactions between Jack and Charlotte were filled with many emotions. Some meetings had me laughing out loud while others had me almost in tears. This is a beautiful love story filled with romance, but with a touch of intrigue to keep you constantly turning the page to find out what happens next. Pick up this book you will be glad you did.

In the UK this book can be bought through;; Amazon or ordered through your local bookshop. It can also be borrowed from your library. If you're in the States, then Amazon stocks all my books - amd they are cheaper than thye are in the UK.
Fenella Miller

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