Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Restless Heart

At last... the cover for the Linford Romance Library edition of The Restless Heart, published in July 2007. Only now seeing the light of day for reasons primarily to do with the author moving house this summer and other chaos.

Back to The Restless Heart. I like the cover and I notice it is bespoke as it shows the opening scene of the story which is set in York's New Walk, a fashionable strolling opportunity in Regency times, perhaps York's answer to Rotten Row. In this scene the heroine, Bella, loses her bonnet to a gust of wind so as you can see she is hatless. In the background you can just make out a small party coming into view: the handsome Mr Davenport, his scheming sister Pamela and her friend. They are about to compound her embarrasement, and so begins the story.

Kate Allan

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